Node University
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Short lectures on software development with Node.js, JavaScript, and React. Start listening from 1, e.g., 1, 2, 3, ..., 15 for better learning experience because this podcast is more like an audio course or an audio book than a normal podcast.

Node University and its creator Azat Mardan tells you about advantages of using Node.js and why its such an absolutely, positively, amazingly awesome technology.

Watch on YouTube, Node University, or listen on Google Play, Stitcher or iTunes:

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    SL 36: Events in Node

    Learn about events (observer pattern) in Node and why NO new styles can compare, i.e., promises or generators or async function would never do what events can do for Node coding.

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    SL 35: Born vs Self-made Programmers

    Are programmers born or self-made? Learn the truth and why you might want to think one versus the other depending on your situation and career to help yourself and be more successful.

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